What to bring?

• Complete changes of clothes per day

(We recommend comfortable clothes, flexible fabric and quick drying).

• Swimwear (at least 2 pieces)

• Lycras or tights to use under the swimsuit or shorts and wetsuit or swim shirt. (It is important for canyoneering, the water is very cold).

• Flip flops for the river that hold well to the foot or otherwise comfortable tennis, at least 2 pairs, preferably already used, "some to wet".

• Jacket if it refreshes at night.

• Insect repellent

• Sunscreen

• Hat or Cap for the sun.

• Kit with personal toiletries.

• Sport leggings, tennis and socks are indispensable for the canyon.



• They can carry a photographic camera. Although there is a cell phone signal in the town of

Jalcomulco (at 50 meters from the Village) within the Hotel enclosure there is no signal.     

• We have WiFi signal.

• In winter the canyon is very cold, consider neoprene.

Rodavento Natural
Rodavento Natural

Camino a Santa Maria #5, Jalcomulco, Veracruz, México
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